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sku_li: We're playing in Caldwell tomorrow. That's pretty close. Jul 25, 2014 19:32:10 GMT -7
sophia: New to area, new to forum, and totally lost. Was looking for combat games near Middleton and told there is one in Caldwell today. Problem: where, when? I was warned that I probably wouldn't so welcome here. Just a guy thing? Do you ever let girls in? Jul 26, 2014 4:13:12 GMT -7
sku_li: Of course we let girls play! Who could stop them? Check out the local events page every Wednesday for that weekend's game. That's usually the best place to get directions as well. There's another game in Kuna this afternoon. PM me if you're interested. Jul 26, 2014 13:31:06 GMT -7
Hazard: Who warned you that you wouldn't be welcome? They obviously need to be spoken to. We accept everyone here. Jul 26, 2014 23:39:13 GMT -7
scrappy: Anyone who would say that isnt a contributing member of our community, we have had women play with us in the past and welcome EVERYONE to play with us in the future. Jul 27, 2014 19:17:45 GMT -7
sku_li: What Scrappy said. A few more women around here wouldn't hurt a damn thing. Jul 27, 2014 19:51:04 GMT -7
sku_li: I need a babysitter for the game Saturday, yo. Anybody want to, or have a friend that wants to, make a little extra bread? Jul 30, 2014 18:25:02 GMT -7
scrappy: Oh skuli sorry man if we were in town my wife would Jul 30, 2014 20:05:53 GMT -7
sku_li: No worries. I'll take a rain check though. Jul 30, 2014 22:20:29 GMT -7
New Patch: i forgot where do you find the local fields page Aug 1, 2014 20:21:05 GMT -7
sophia: Here it is another Saturday and I still can't find the Caldwell field. And thank you guys (skuli, scrappy, hazard) for the welcome.... Maybe next Saturday? I just need to know where, when and how much. I think I found your rules. Aug 2, 2014 8:32:10 GMT -7
sku_li: Check your message bin, Sophia. We'll get this sorted before next week. Aug 2, 2014 10:37:32 GMT -7
sophia: Did, thanks! Aug 7, 2014 18:31:45 GMT -7
blackwing: why is no one posting anymore? Sept 29, 2014 11:48:39 GMT -7
Wire: Because AOA has pretty much died. For games check out TVA's forum Sept 30, 2014 19:16:53 GMT -7 *
New Patch: what happened to AOA Oct 9, 2014 13:45:06 GMT -7
blackwing: seriously? i just got accepted Oct 11, 2014 14:52:09 GMT -7
Hazard: There are I think 3 active AOA now? Maybe less since Scrappy got deployed. Oct 12, 2014 20:49:46 GMT -7
tbag: i wish i could get back out on the field with aoa Oct 20, 2014 18:34:31 GMT -7
alpaconinja: when will the next game be Jun 9, 2015 12:43:20 GMT -7